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Our Values

Our values matter to us. When first created in 2007 Patrick and Marcus wanted to find a way to ensure that Nutbourne's development stayed true to their original plans and business values.

To guide us as we continue to grow we have clearly set out what these values are:

We will provide exceptional support and communication to our clients, cooperating with them to ensure that we deliver what was promised. At all times we will engage with clients in an open, honest and ethical manner and if we ever fail to meet these high standards we will learn and improve.

Our Team

Marcus Evans

Co-Founder & MD

With a solid background in Office Relocation and Building Fit Out Marcus brought a different angle to bear when co-founding Nutbourne Ltd. His aim is to modify the regimented project management and design creativity of office relocation to account for new trends in IT, the integration of other services and staffing happiness, which ultimately saves companies both time and money. Alongside his work with Nutbourne Marcus is a member of the IOD young Directors committee and works with numerous other societies and organisations across the UK. In his spare time Marcus says he enjoys writing bad literature and he has also appeared on a TV quiz show.

Patrick Burgess

Co-founder & Technical Director

Patrick co-founded Nutbourne Ltd with the simple aim of bringing high quality service and support to an IT sector which has become flooded with companies who assume that "just enough" will do. With years of experience streamlining varied companies’ IT systems across Europe, he passionately believes in the value of high quality service at a reasonable cost. Patrick is an active Professional Member of the British Computer Society to drive standards forward within the IT industry. If he was a superhero Patrick says he’d have the ability to control time, which is no surprise given his super busy schedule!

Paul Grogan

IT Solutions Architect

Having been with the Nutbourne since it operated out of an attic office, Paul has worked  tirelessly with the company as a key member of the Management Team. He now works closely with our clients to create bespoke technical solutions and undertake high-level audits.In his spare time Paul trains hard to run half marathons and raise money for charity. And his special talent? Well he says, it’s being generally quite awesome.

Alex Bartoletti

Service Desk Manager

How can you prove to potential employer that you can manage their team? Apparently having previously managed a former member of their team is a good start!After some positive feedback from our mutual colleague and some "hypothetical" examples for the scenario based questioning Alex assumed the role of Service Desk Manager and has been leading the charge of continual improvement and restructuring ever since. As the saying goes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Ade Ajayi

Onsite Manager

After sifting through 100’s of CV’s for our new Onsite Manager Role the recruitment team found Ade’s CV. Keen to bring him for an interview, Kittie gave Ade a call. As fate would have it and unbeknown to Kittie, Ade had just finished confirming evening reservations for a restaurant, also by of the name Nutbourne. We can only imagine the confusion the ensued, but after chuckling at the irony, Ade successfully progressed through recruitment process to become Nutbourne’s (... the IT Company) Onsite Manager where he has since consolidated the onsite and projects team and continues to implement processes and improvements. 

Ross Jones

Account Manager

Using his background in Customer Service,  Ross aims to ensure that our clients remain happy whilst also providing support to the Sales Team where required. Although previously working in Business Development in the Industrial Rope Access Industry  (Yes that does exist. And No he didn’t do any abseiling himself.) Ross decided that he would remain on terra firma and move into the relative safety of the IT Industry!  In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and has recently joined a gym which he thinks is rather overdue! 

Kittie Story

Office Manager

Having graduated with a degree in modern drama, Kittie realised that her true calling was Office Management, otters and caffeine. 

Awais Ahmed

Support Engineer

Awais has always been dedicated to monitoring and servicing our clients’ systems, and his ambition to maintain our high quality service makes him a great asset to the Nutbourne team. Awais enjoys playing football, watching movies, and would love to live in Dubai or Morocco.

Matt McKay

Account Manager

Matt has a varied history. He started out as one of only three Britons to qualify for the world championship Paint drying contest, where he came a distinguished fourth. After the sport was disbanded Matt spent a few years looking for a new hobby before he discovered ultimate baldness. He is now the Nutbourne champion of this. Well done Matt.

Jade Sessegnon


Jade has recently joined the Nutbourne team as number 1 number crunching Book-keeper. With her meticulous attention to detail, nothing financial is able to escape the eyes of Jade! 

Habeeb Alkhayr

Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Lee Swallow

Onsite Coordinator

Being “best on computers” in the company he worked for 20 years ago lead Lee to a career in IT and Nutbourne are happy to have his experience and skills on board in the Support team.In his spare time you will usually find him in some far-flung outpost watching Leyton Orient attempt to play football.

Mark Maguire

Support Engineer

Mark has worked in IT for 20 years now. He is one of our go-to guys for all things 2nd line Support. You may recognise our resident Welshy from TV Programmes such as The Chase and The Weakest link!

Zain Shah

Projects Engineer

With a strong background in IT Support, Zain has been a wonderful asset to our Onsite team here at Nutbourne. He ensures each and every project is carried out to the highest standard, and is a valued member of the team!

Andrew Lucas

Projects Engineer

Qasim Hanif

Support Engineer

Qasim likes football and burgers. Qasim doesn't like writing descriptions of himself. We like him though, and he is a valued member of the team.

Roberto Capotosti

Senior Support Engineer

Roberto is from Gardone Val Trompia in Italy, and has brought his vast IT experience and talents to Nutbourne since September 2018. He’s worked on the GNU project and Lego MindStorm. In his spare time he enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, Netrunner and World of Warcraft. 

Matthew Porter

Junior Support Engineer

Having graduated in Film Technology Matthew found himself working in PC World, he came to Nutbourne with three years of experience and having worked with a variety of technologies and companies. Matthew has worked hard to expand his skills which has been rewarded recently with promotion to the Support Engineer Team.In his spare time Matthew can be found going to gigs, or rehearsing with his band Beautiful Obsession, in which he plays guitar and sings. He also admits to watching more films and TV shows than is probably healthy.

Anthony Tran

Junior Support Engineer

With over 10 years in the IT industry in multiple sectors, Anthony brings a wealth of experience to the Support Team and immediately made an impact on the desk. Anthony is our champion pool player, and enjoys daily matches with his Manager Awais.

Zach Sansum

Junior Support Engineer

Zach joined Nutbourne as a Trainee and put in the hours to quickly become qualified and a fully fledged member of the Support Team and a Mentor to our new Trainee and Apprentices. Often our top ticket solver, he has become invaluable to the team.Zach has a penchent for Magic the Gathering cards, often spending extended periods of time with no food or drink, showing his dedication to the ultimate geek hobby.

Denis Zema

Junior Support Analyst

It's hard to imagine Nutbourne without Denis, but a little known fact was it nearly wasn't to be. Denis originally applied for another role at the end of 2018 but did not match the role criteria, he did however leave an impression on his interviewers. A few months later when Nutbourne were forming the dispatch role we realised Denis was a perfect match for the role - the rest is history. The moral of the story is, if at first you don't succeed, leave a positive impact on your interviewer!

Fabio Salis

Support Analyst

Fabio is a fabulous addition to our Analyst team here at Nutbourne. He speaks 4 languages; Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and (usefully) English. He's an avid Reggaeton fan and loves to play pool. 

Aamir Seedat

Junior Support Analyst

After joining Nutbourne as an Apprentice in 2017, Aamir has now become a fully fledged member of the Analyst team. He has developed his technical skills and is keen to kick start his career in IT. In his spare time, Aamir enjoys reading and playing football.

Adnaan Shaikh

Trainee Support Analyst

Having gained a great passion for IT, Adnaan is heavily interested into Cloud computing and has long-term goals that relate to it. In his free-time, he enjoys travelling and likes learning and experiencing new things everyday.

Nayeem Chowdhury

Support Analyst

In 2009 when Nayeem was aged 10, Justin Bieber released his first single, Nayeem has been a hardcore Beliber ever since. Nayeem first realised his skill in IT when his internet connection crashed as he was downloading Bieber’s latest album, determined to get back online Nayeem stayed up all night learning how to setup multiplexing and tethering to a 4G connection, this passion has led him to join Nutbourne as a Support Analyst. 

Hamza Syed

Junior Support Analyst

After graduating with a BA in Business Management, Hamza began his career in the IT Industry in a very similar role before joining Nutbourne in early 2019. He can't wait to see what the future of IT looks like and is excited to take the next step in his career. He has a keen interest in classic cars, modern architecture and good food! Hamza truly believes that there is no other industry he would want to work in, he is always positive, passionate, and a joy to have in the office. 

Steve Evans

Head of Structured Cabling

With over 20 years of experience Steve is an all-round handy man, working on small builds and installing structured cabling. Steve upholds Nutbourne’s approval as a Connectix installer; he fixes and thoroughly tests data cables so that our operations run smoothly and stress free for our clients! Steve is also a karate sensei and enjoys practicing Kung Fu.

Tom Holmes

Freelance Wordsmith and Friend of the Family

Tom is a freelance journalist and writer. In more than 10 years in the profession, he has edited magazines, interviewed 300+ C-level execs, researched and written white papers and briefing documents, and gotten to grips with subjects as diverse as marine procurement, logistics and tech - which is how he can to write for Nutbourne.Away from work, Tom has been known to moonlight as a gardener (he has an RHS certificate!) write creative non-fiction and indulge in philosophy. Right now he is training gymnastic strength and practising martial arts (Bruce Lee style) - both of which are good for the soul!

Our Charity

As a team we've raised

At Nutbourne we take charity extremely seriously. As a team we try and do something charitable at least once a year and individually our members do their own fund raising as well. What with running Marathons, going on trips to India and buying enormous eggs it’s amazing we get any time to do any work at all...Most recently Marcus and a motley crew of colleagues, friends and family walked for a crazy total of 24 hours to raise over £7000 for Bloodwise, a charity which is very close to the Company's heart.