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BerchWood Partners


"We are extremely pleased with the results here, and could never have imagined this place to turn out like it has - fresh and bright!" "Nutbourne achieved exactly what they promised to do and more. They turned a 20 year tired office into a modern airy and above all professional space."

– Paola Tarazi


  • 1200 square foot in Mark Lane
  • Very old tired space needing a real overhaul.
  • Professional image and high quality design and build.
  • A tight deadline which involved the clients moving their stuff in before the project was finished.
  • Nutbourne carried out every aspect of the work, including sourcing the lines and connecting to BT.
  • A creative solution reusing much of the fit out, but working around the solid floors and chased in power.


BerchWood Partners is dedicated to raising capital for alternative investment funds globally. The Firm’s professionals have over 130 years of fundraising and institutional marketing experience raising capital from investors around the world for North American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian fund managers focused on buyout, venture, real estate, and secondary strategies. This wealth of experience has enabled us to cultivate long-standing relationships with diverse groups of investors worldwide.


With a rapidly expanding team in the UK BerchWood needed to move into an office that looked good and worked well for them but also had the right proportion of meeting rooms and back of house space. Having found a building which was very antiquated Nutbourne needed to come up with a way to design and build it with a traditional look but modern functionality. The project also had a tight time frame and needed to be resolved quickly and with the clients equipment being delivered at the end of the second week of three.


With the need to have a very professional image BerchWood took a very desirable space in Mayfair, just a street away from Berkeley Square. With a number of options Nutbourne carried out the tour of buildings with the client and their agent and produced drawings on each before the final one was selected. Finally the design was modified a number of times until the perfect balance was struck.

With limited time we achieved a very successful result and managed to step in when BT was too expensive and slow and connect the cables that allowed BerchWood to get operational.