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International Classical Artists


“Nutbourne were great from start to finish. They really understood our brief and were always on hand when we needed them to be and explained every step thoroughly. When problems arose they dealt with them quickly and effectively and always explained what was happening. They were a joy to work with and we would not hesitate in recommending them!” “They were a joy to work with and we would not hesitate in recommending them!”

– Martin Kendrick


  • 3200 square foot in Farringdon
  • A lower Ground floor that needed an overhaul
  • Work was required to change the feel of the space to an open and airy one from the traditional lower ground floor feel.
  • The air con system had to be extended to cope with the additional meeting rooms
  • An out of use bank vault needed to be converted to a usable space.


International Classical Artists reflects a continuing growth of worldwide artist management, orchestral touring and the development of innovative projects of all kinds. A major player, ICA is successfully expanding its role as a prime figure on an ever-developing international stage.

The ICA roster is distinguished, including those who are well established leaders in their field, as well as younger artists for whom the thoughtful development of talent is an important part of our expertise. A prestigious conductor list is matched by excellent instrumentalists and chamber musicians as well as dynamic names from the world of directors, designers and dramaturgy.

Chairman Stephen Wright has created a twenty-first century artist management company offering the co-ordination of an artist’s audio and audio-visual recordings, broadcasts and handling of digital rights as an essential part of the management process. Working with ICA Classics and, bringing exceptional performances to the widest audiences is now an exciting reality.


Having been let down at the last minute by the building they were bidding on, International Classical Artists needed to get the project finished quickly as they were due to move out of their existing office.


Some of the space was harder to use as it was a lower ground floor. One of these areas was a vault with mould stains and an old cracked floor. We filled both of these and redecorated to make a usable print room and storage area out of a very difficult space.


With a tight time frame, and the need to turn a lower ground floor office into a usable attractive space, International Classical Artists had to work hard to leave the space open and yet retain the closed off front of house area required. We achieved this by putting a feature wall behind the reception desk and allowing the rest to be used for storage. This didn’t block off the light as a traditional meeting room would have done and allowed for storage space. The air con system was inadequate and needed to be extended, we achieved this by copying the existing exposed system and making it look as much part of that as if it were original. 

Finally we helped coordinate the art and provided feature colours and items to make a classy understated finish to the project.