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"Nutbourne did a great job, hitting a tight brief and making the most of a difficult space. Well done."

– Nick


  • 1500 Square foot in Peer House
  • 3 week programme
  • Very difficult space to work with. Mansard's restrict flat wall space and the floor plate was very long and thin.
  • A creative solution was required to the teapoint as the space was limited.
  • Nutbourne carried out every aspect of the work.


AgDevCo is a not-for-profit distribution agricultural development company operating in sub-Saharan Africa. Acting as principal, it invests "social venture capital" to create commercially viable agribusiness investment opportunities, bringing them to the point where they can attract private investment from domestic and overseas investors.


AgDevCo needed to move out of their serviced offices into a leased office space as they were expanding and had reached the point where they needed more space. Because they were moving from a serviced office we needed to help them source furniture and provide all the help required for a growing company. The space itself was long and narrow and would struggle to have both a kitchen and a boardroom in parallel. Eventually we worked out how to achieve the results they wanted by building the kitchen around a corridor, thus solving the issue.


With the requirement to save money where possible, we had to come up with an innovative, yet effective way of providing front of house and back of house. With a few delays due to negotiation we managed to solve colour and design issues very quickly and overall ended up with a very good result. With time being tight everything was finished quickly and to a high standard and the client was able to move in on time and within budget.