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AOS Studley


"Nutbourne were excellent from start to finish. Not only did they provide us with all of the things we needed they anticipated items that we might need before we flagged them up ourselves"

– Ed Galvin


  • 2500 square foot in Leadenhall Street
  • Tired space, with old carpet and a multitude of marks on the wall needing a real overhaul.
  • Professional image needed for Insurance Company
  • A difficult to manage landlord, with a very thorough schedule of documentation needed.
  • Nutbourne carried out every aspect of the work, including sourcing the lines and removals.


AOS Studley is a global independent Real Estate Consulting, Workplace Consulting and Project Management Company, with more than 600 clients in 20 countries. Combining a wealth of expertise and capabilities in Real Estate and Workplace, AOS Studley helps clients reduce occupancy costs and implement high performing flexible strategies.

AOS Studley has established a business model that guarantees zero conflict of interest and revolves entirely around understanding our client's needs. 

Our services are dedicated to tenants exclusively. To ensure that our teams will work in our client's interest and their interest alone, we strive to maintain total independence from other payers in real estate: property owners, agents, contractors. 

This position enables us to consider all possible scenarios at each stage of the life of your business and ensure full access to the real estate listings available. 


Spring Four, a boutique property agency in the City, were acquired by AOS Studley, the multinational real estate consultancy who also had a team in West London. After the combination the AOS office needed to move into the Spring Four office as the preferred location. This required a refurbishment, additional meeting rooms, and a complete look at furniture and concepts to deliver the required space and feel. Spring Four would be in the office the whole time, so a phased refurbishment was necessary, working around them as required.


With a pair of companies who had a distinct difference in culture and feel we had to combine the two, creating additional space within an existing office, and also accommodating new furniture and ways of working from the other. This required some joint meetings and a phased series of works over 4 weekends, making sure that the office was operational every Monday.